The Proper Dining Atmosphere Customized with Restaurant LED Lighting

In a satisfying restaurant, every detail matters for your guests’ experience. From the food and service to the décor and lighting, there are many aspects that will influence how your customers perceive your restaurant. Lighting in particular can have a greater impact than even many restaurateurs realize. To capitalize on that effect, here are a few restaurant lighting ideas and solutions for creating the perfect ambiance.

Elements of “Fine Dining” Promote Patron Satisfaction

A study at Cornell University split up a fast food restaurant into two categories: one included bright lights and loud music similar to a typical fast food atmosphere. The other softened the lighting and added traditional dining elements like tablecloths and soft jazz music. The results were impressive: the “fine dining” customers ate less of their food while rating the quality of the food higher than the other half of the restaurant. This leads us to a few important restaurant LED lighting design elements:

  • Keep your lighting soft with LEDs. notes that LED lighting does a better job with soft lighting due to adjustable light temperatures. While LEDs can offer maximum brightness, they can also provide the softer ambiance to create the ideal dining experience.
  • Coordinate your LEDs with your desired environment. If you want to present a fine dining experience, consider everything, down to the types of bulbs. The consultation process at US Lighting Systems includes lighting design that will optimize the lighting solutions for your restaurant’s unique environment.


But is it enough to install LED lights in a restaurant and call it a day? Let’s dig down into what can make Restaurant LED lighting so effective.

Gain Control over Your Restaurant Lighting Intensity

If you’re an all-day restaurant serving three meals, chances are that you have lighting needs that change almost on an hourly basis. LED lights allow you to easily change lighting intensity to suit the time of day.

Your restaurant lighting fixtures should be able to provide the soft, dimmer lighting required for the more intimate atmosphere in the later hours. With LED lighting installed, you’ll be able to adjust the levels you need accordingly throughout the day, giving you the optimum solution for each meal. 

Other Restaurant Lighting Solutions

While the restaurant LED lighting does most of the work—with more efficiency than classic bulbs—there are still more elements to restaurant lighting that you can add to enhance the effect. For example, a server lighting a candle to begin a meal can highlight the natural warmth.

Learn how you can save money while improving the quality and warmth of your restaurant’s ambiance, and talk with lighting specialists to discover the best restaurant lighting ideas for your space. For more on what LED lighting can do to enhance the way customers perceive your restaurant, contact US Lighting Systems today at


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