Save up to 80% on Energy Costs
Boost Atmosphere & Morale
Increase Visualization & Productivity
Create Safety & Security

Lighting Upgrades

Save up to 80% in Energy Costs
Increase Overall Productivity
Create Safety & Security


Lighting Certified Designer
Layout & Product Optimization
Project Management

UV Lighting

Disinfect High Touch Areas
Protect the Work Environment
Kill 99.9% of Viruses & Bacteria

Welcome to US Lighting Systems

For over 10 years US Lighting Systems has been a full-service lighting consultant focused on helping clients with energy-efficient lighting solutions including LED retrofits as well as lighting control systems. We handle the entire process of complex lighting applications from design and engineering through installation and warranty service. We offer a variety of financial solutions including leasing as well as our cutting edge lighting as a service option which allows for energy savings to pay for the entire project. Our products hold a 10 year warranty.


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