The Importance of Commercial LED Lighting Design

Why is LED lighting more efficient than traditional fixtures—and how can it be used to reduce overall energy needs? These questions get to the heart of what makes an LED lighting retrofit an important solution for any commercial space. When you read through commercial LED lighting design basics, you come to understand how these fixtures provide an opportunity to procure better quality lighting with a more efficient infrastructure.

Saving Energy on Lighting Means Improving Your Bottom Line

The math is simple: a new LED system typically results in energy savings of as much as 85 percent of that used by traditional lighting systems. Even though installing new LED options can come with an upfront installation cost, you can instantly begin recouping that investment through ongoing energy savings, month over month. And with US Lighting’s “Lighting As A Service” program, you can ditch the upfront installation costs altogether.

But there’s more to saving with LEDs than improved energy efficiency. As you’ll see in the next section, an expert commercial lighting consultant company can help you save even more with efficient commercial LED lighting design.

Commercial LED Lighting Design Efficiency

A traditional light fixture is like a candle: it gives off light at 360 degrees. Properly fitted LED lighting, however, can employ targeted lighting to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

With LED lighting, on the other light comes out of the fixture at 180 degrees. The light is directed with optics, which results in more efficient use of the energy. Another advantage of this improved targeting ability is that you can more directly light the areas that need lighting without wasting energy on unneeded light. A proficient lighting design company can analyze your space and provide an optimal lighting plan for your needs, ensuring no light, no energy, and no expenditures go to waste.

An LED Retrofit Isn’t Necessarily a Bulb Replacement

Let’s imagine you have 100 current fixtures in your space. If someone is selling you a simple retrofit that replaces 100 traditional fixtures with 100 LED lights, it might sound like an upgrade. But how efficient is it really?

A proper LED retrofit includes an analysis of your space to find where more efficiency might replace the need for a fixture altogether. At US Lighting Systems, our engineers analyze the following criteria to define the optimal LED lighting design for your space:

  • Thermal management
  • Photometrics & 3D renderings
  • Usage vs. longevity of LED fixtures
  • Spacing of fixtures and the physical dimensions of the space
  • Lumen requirements for code compliance and productivity needs
  • Different lighting fixtures/retrofit options that can fulfill the needs of each application
  • Multiple lighting layouts to see what option fits the space best based on the tasks being performed
  • What options for lighting control are available for the space(s)

Get An Optimized Lighting Plan for Your Space Today

US Lighting systems’ experts can design and engineer a custom lighting solution that’s tailor-made to your specific space. This custom commercial LED lighting design gives you the best possible lighting while helping to improve your bottom line through optimized energy efficiency that reduces your monthly and annual utility expenses.

Contact US Lighting Systems at to begin the LED lighting design process for your space today.


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