Lighting As a Service: An LED Lighting Subscription Model

Most businesses understand the benefit of using energy-efficient LED lighting in their space: not only can they reduce costs, but they can actually enhance the quality of their lighting. Many businesses, however, are still resistant to switching to commercial LED lighting due to upfront installation costs. Lighting as a Service (LaaS) from US Lighting Systems, however, eliminates these concerns. Through this program, US Lighting Systems installs an entirely new commercial LED lighting system for your space without any upfront costs. Instead, you pay for the service over time with a fixed monthly fee, like an LED lighting subscription.

How Lighting as a Service Works

In the traditional system of commercial lighting, a company would install lighting in your space, and then you would shoulder the financial burden of maintenance, ongoing costs, and repairs. In Lighting as a Service from US Lighting Systems, however, you’ll simply pay a monthly subscription. With that monthly fee comes a dedicated commercial LED lighting company that will step in and takes care of all of your lighting needs.

Here are a few of the essential benefits that make Lighting as a Service a fantastic LED lighting subscription option for your business:

  • We install the equipment without any upfront costs on your end.
  • We maintain the equipment while it’s on your site, throughout the life of the contract.
  • You pay only fixed monthly payments. There’s no upfront installation charge, and these payments don’t go up if a light goes out—instead, it’s our duty to repair them and charge the same monthly fee per the original contract.
  • We guarantee cost savings as soon as the installation is complete.

Commercial LED Lighting: Why Switch to Lighting as a Service?

Your business already pays monthly fees for its lighting in the form of utility bills. What’s more, any time a bulb goes bad or emergency maintenance is required, your company has to pay to fix it. Switching to Lighting as a Service with a commercial  LED lighting retrofit means you can take advantage of the superior cost-savings of LED lighting without the financial burden.

Because we guarantee lower costs as soon as the LED systems are installed, your business can enjoy commercial LED lighting, lower expenses, and predictable fees. If you need to reduce your utility and energy expenditures, Lighting as a Service from US Lighting Systems is an excellent choice that can also improve the ambiance of your commercial space.

To learn more about commercial LED lighting for your space through our Lighting as a Service plan, contact US Lighting Systems today at


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