LED Lighting in Hospitals: A Vital Way to Control Your Environment

In today’s medical facilities, clear and effective lighting means a better working environment so that health professionals can provide the best possible care. LED lighting in hospitals provides superior control, efficiency, and reliability with your lighting and environment. But there is more about LED lighting that makes an LED retrofit an ideal next step when upgrading your hospital’s lighting solutions.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Hospitals

Cost-effectiveness is great, but it’s not the only element that makes LEDs ideal for health care. With hospitals in particular, a clear and well-lit environment ensures that your medical professionals have everything they need to provide the best possible treatment. Here are some benefits of an LED retrofit in your facility:

  • Greater control. LED fixtures offer more control over what you’re lighting and how you’re lighting it. Our designers and engineers can consult with you on the specific elements your hospital needs to control and create an efficient design to help save you money and improve lighting quality.
  • Proper thermal management. Hospitals are closely temperature-controlled to ensure the best possible environment for patients. LED lighting throws off less heat than traditional bulbs and can be dialed in to help maintain thermal balance throughout your facility.
  • Customization. With traditional fixtures, there is only one option: “On.” With LED lighting, the lighting in each room can be customized to fit the precise needs of the health care professionals who work there and the patients they serve.

In addition to these benefits, there’s one element in which LED lighting in hospitals is absolutely essential: reliability.

Improve the Reliability of Your Hospital Lighting


Every step of the way—from design to implementation and maintenance—you’ll have tight control over the final result of your lighting upgrade. This is important for hospitals that can’t afford to have even one day of downtime.

In our Design and Engineering phase, we can give you a precise preview of what a new lighting retrofit will look like in your space. Because LED products usually come with an .ies file, we can produce a photo-metric analysis that clearly shows you what you can expect.

Our lighting experts take the time to determine which manufacturers can provide you the best lumens per watt (the efficiency at which energy is converted into light) for your specific needs. And we even factor in the warranties offered through these manufacturers to ensure the lowest possible cost and highest possible quality of maintenance for your hospital.

Lighting as a Service

Hospitals rely on quality lighting. That means more than hoping for a quality installation. It means ongoing maintenance and monitoring as needed. Through our Lighting as a Service plan, we continually maintain your lighting on a regular basis—and there’s no upfront cost for installation. You simply pay a monthly service fee, much like you already do for your utilities. While LEDs require far less maintenance than traditional bulbs, you can count on us if you ever have any problems. We’ll assign a point of contact so things can get back on track as quickly as possible. With expert lighting design and a quality LED lighting installation in your hospital, however, odds are that your lighting will be more reliable than ever.

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