Our Process

Site Audit
Engineering & Design
Financial Analysis & Proposal
Energy Monitoring & Metering
Installation & Project Management
Post Install Reporting

Our simple step by step process starts with understanding your goals and objectives to design a solution that is customized for your business needs. We will dedicate a project manager to your team that will make sure you understand each step to ensure a smooth and easy transition of your lighting infrastructure.

At US Lighting Systems, we take the time to get to know your business first. What good is talking about lighting if we don’t understand what you do and how you do it? We need to know how your employees work, what kinds of shift schedules they have, and what specific tasks of work they actually perform. This process involves us speaking with your managers, workers and maintenance staff and conducting our proprietary “operations survey” before we get going.

Once we understand your business, we conduct a field audit to get the following information:

  • Layouts or Floor plans (CAD, PDF)
  • Quantity of light fixtures
  • Types of lamps in each fixture
  • Condition of current fixture
  • Usage hours of each fixture
  • Understanding of the electrical circuitry providing power to your lights
  • Physical Dimensions of the different work spaces
  • Distances between light fixtures
  • Current light (Foot Candle) measurements
  • Pictures of the current work space showing lighting
  • List of all current lamps being used with full specs
  • Current energy costs per KW/h
  • Difficulty of maintaining or installing in certain spaces. (Obstructions, high ceilings, etc.)

This is where US Lighting Systems shines. Our team of designers and engineers will work with our field team to discuss if and where any solid state lighting solutions make sense for the customer. It is our belief that just because it can be done in LED does not mean it should be. If it does make sense, our designer’s will custom create a lighting system for the customer that is unique to their working space and working habits. They will ensure that we recommend the best product for each application. We evaluate and analyze the following criteria:

• Thermal management
• Photometrics & 3D renderings
• Usage vs. longevity of LED fixtures
• Spacing of fixtures and the physical dimensions of the space
• Lumen requirements for code compliance and productivity needs
• Different lighting fixtures/retrofit options that can fulfill the needs of each application
• Multiple lighting layouts to see what option fits the space best based on the tasks being performed
• What options for lighting control are available for the space(s)

After we are satisfied there is a technically sound solution that exists to help our customers save money and improve their overall lighting environment, we run multiple financial models to ensure there is a proper return on the investment. Our financial auditors run a detailed savings analysis that factors in energy usage, maintenance costs, and real time energy costs. We stick to the basics and avoid calculating items that are too hard to justify, like HVAC savings from the reduced heat of solid state lighting.

Our Account team will then create a proposal that will show you each lighting application and the solution we recommend for it. You will see all of the design and engineering work in the form of 3D renderings and photometric analysis. Finally, you will see the Return on investment calculations and our suggested financial models to move forward with.

As a financing option, learn more about our Lighting As A Service program with zero upfront and maintenance costs forever.

At US Lighting Systems, we take a different approach to savings.  We prefer to prove savings to you vs. just relying on a financial model.  We invest in energy monitoring equipment to track the actual usage of your current system vs. after we install.    We specifically only monitor the circuits that are providing lighting so you have an accurate accounting of your costs for lighting.  This gives us a true usage baseline of how much money your lighting is costing you.  After we install you can see the difference for yourself.  You now have data to go back to your finance teams to show them the real savings.

At this point we will assign a project manager who is dedicated to your account. Our PM will guide the entire process from final product selections, logistics & shipping, to installation, testing and post install reporting. The PM is your single source for any questions, concerns or changes that need to be made.

We usually suggest doing a pilot or test in a certain location before we implement the final solution. This gives us a chance to adjust the solution on a real world basis and avoid mistakes that can delay the project and cost us more.

Our team of licensed & insured contractors will install the job based on local codes and with fixed, guaranteed timeframes to avoid any long unnecessary delays.

Before we leave the project we will take light measurements, pictures and energy readings to ensure the solution is properly installed and performing the way we designed. We will make any final adjustments at this point.

After the new system has been installed for 30 days, we will run a series of tests to show you the savings you are achieving with the new system. We will match those savings up to your energy bills. If we notice discrepancies in the energy bill, we will bring it to your attention. Our Utility Auditors at US Lighting Systems Fixed are experts in working with Utility companies to resolve billing errors and tariff mistakes.