Lighting System Upgrades & Retrofits

For over 10 years, US Lighting Systems has been the go-to partner of mid market companies looking to save on lighting costs, create a safe and secure environment, increase efficiency, and boost employee morale.

As lighting experts, with over 10 years of LED experience and Lighting Certified (LC) practitioners on staff, we know how to help you improve your overall business.

Using Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) design principles, we look at what lighting layout would produce the best levels of light to ensure optimal productivity for your business while still maximizing energy savings.

Whether you have lots of shadowing, dim conditions, high amounts of safety issues, or you simply can’t figure out why you are making so many mistakes on your production line, we can help.

Our goal is to provide you a solution with the best possible value to your company.  That means we incorporate a lot of aspects into our solution.  Price, energy savings, and overall productivity gains that you can achieve from our solutions are all factored in.

  • Price – We take pride in constantly monitoring the LED lighting market to find the best quality fixtures and buy on a nationwide basis from manufacturers instead of distributors, offering the best possible price for your organization.
  • Energy Savings – We are always looking for fixtures that have high efficacy.  That means we can use less energy to achieve the same light levels as most other fixtures that use more energy.
  • Overall Benefits – Your project may seem a simple as a lighting system upgrade or retrofit, but the overall benefits affect your business as a whole. From safety records to productivity, lowest inventory to best on-time shipping performance, and comprehensive financial gains over time, nothing about your business will remain unchanged.


Whether you run a REIT, a portfolio company, or just need help with a complex lighting application, US Lighting Systems will partner with you to manage your lighting project from conception to implementation

With the help of a Lighting Certified (LC) practitioner, we will be by your side.  From specifying the correct products, designing a new lighting layout, managing a large RFP, project managing your project, or any other type of consulting you need, US Lighting Systems will be your trusted advisor to ensure success.  Use our 10+ years of LED project experience to make sure you get the best pricing available with the biggest impact on your business.

We can work with your architect, GC and/or project manager to be an extension of your team.   Whether you just want an experienced lighting professional to give you advice or you need hands on management of your project, US Lighting Systems will save you money and time.  

We have flexible business model options and prefer to have skin in the game so we can succeed when you do.    

UV Lighting Solutions

We are excited to bring UV Solutions to our customers to help reduce your company’s risk to COVID-19. We are installing these solutions in high touch common areas to provide a safer environment for your employees.

Our UV lighting fixtures are EPA registered devices with proven lab results that have verified kill rates of 99.9%. This technology has been used in hospitals for decades and we can now offer these solutions to the commercial and industrial markets.

Based on third party clinical lab results, we have the ability to provide whole room coverage of full spectrum UV.  You can disinfect an entire room with the flip of a switch or take advantage of the programming capabilities to schedule your entire facility for a disinfection overnight