LED Lighting Retrofit: Your Key to Savings in 2017

With a new year comes an examination of your company’s bottom line. If you’ve noticed that your company is spending more on lighting than it needs to—both in terms of energy and maintenance—then it might be time for an LED lighting retrofit. With the proper application and installation of LED lighting, you can recoup costs and reduce your energy demands so that more of your investment dollar is going where it belongs: your business.

An LED Lighting Retrofit Will Improve Energy Efficiency

Even without customization for your space, an LED retrofit can have a tremendous impact on your energy consumption. This is because LED lights don’t have to give off 360 degrees of ambient lighting like traditional fixtures. By focusing light where it needs to go and avoiding wasted energy elsewhere, an LED lighting retrofit is inherently more efficient.

This base efficiency can be increased with effective lighting design. An expert lighting consultant like US Lighting Systems can create an optimal design for your space that includes the following benefits:

  • Proper engineering and design. In US Lighting’s process, we take the time to analyze your space and uncover opportunities to improve efficiency. We determine which areas need lighting and how those areas need to be lit, then we create an optimized lighting design to meet those needs efficiently. Even issues like thermal management are taken into consideration.
  • Fitting the fixture to the application. In traditional lighting, the “one size fits all” approach certainly lights up a room—but it does little else for your bottom line. By matching a fixture to its proper application, we can target the light specifically to offer code compliance and a well-lit working environment.
  • More options for control. With traditional fixtures, you have two options: “on” or “off.” But LED lighting can offer more options, thanks to the enhanced fixtures. If you need only partial lighting in some rooms, that effect can easily be put under your control.

Greater efficiency allows you to save energy and ultimately reduce your expenses. The overall effect: a leaner bottom line with greater savings in the year 2017 and beyond.

Better Lighting and an Improved Bottom Line

Increased efficiency isn’t the only key to reduced costs with an LED retrofit—at least not when you work with the engineers and designers at US Lighting Systems. An effective LED lighting retrofit is not simply about changing your lights to LED: it’s also about finding the lighting design solutions that minimize your costs while using your space to its fullest potential.

If you’re interested in benefiting from an LED lighting retrofit for your business, contact US Lighting Systems today at info@uslightingsystems.com. Our commercial lighting design experts can outfit your space with optimized solutions that will help you improve lighting efficiency and save on utility expenses year over year.


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