LED Lights for Restaurants – Effecient Design & Installation

restaurant-led-lightingWhat’s the most important aspect of your restaurant’s quality after the food? The lighting. If you own or manage restaurants, you already know how important quality lighting is. It’s the first thing customers notice—and is also one of the important pieces of your bottom line. LED lights for restaurants combined with efficient design and installation can have a major impact on your energy expenses as well as the quality of your atmosphere.

Benefits of LED Lights for Restaurants

Here are three reasons you should consider upgrading to LED lighting for your restaurants right away:

  • Restaurants generally use more than twice as much energy per square foot as other businesses. If you’re using bad or inefficient lighting, it will hurt your business more than it hurts others.
  • Incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat—which means 90% of your money is literally dissipating into the air! And no, that doesn’t give you a discount on your heating bill, either.
  • LED lighting is far more affordable than incandescent bulbs, sometimes saving as much as 80% according to Energy.gov.

Making the switch to LED is the obvious choice. It helps you save money while enhancing the quality of your restaurant’s atmosphere, but why US Lighting Systems?

Why Consider US Lighting Systems For Your Restaurant Lighting Upgrade?

“Ambiance” is a difficult term to define, but any restaurant owner worth their salt and pepper knows that lighting is one of the most important elements in setting a beautiful, low-cost atmosphere.

How can you strike that balance without incurring additional expenses? When you switch to enhanced LED lighting, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • We handle the entire process from engineering and design through installation and warranty servicing. There’s no additional work for you except to enjoy the new lighting.
  • We’ll find you the best pricing because we work directly with manufacturers and know what fair market prices are.
  • Warranty management – The manufacturer’s “rated life” is actually based on estimates—which means if you handle installation yourself, you have little to no recourse when it comes to lighting replacements. We’ll handle it for you.
  • LED lighting may be more expensive upfront but over the next 20 years you will realize big savings. And with “lighting as a service”, there is no upfront cost to you.

Partner with US Lighting Systems because restaurant lighting upgrades require experienced negotiators, expert installation, and accountability from your lighting providers.

Talk with a Restaurant LED Lighting Expert by contacting info@uslightingsystems.com or learn more about our 7 step process. For a free assessment and consultation, send us a message!

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