LED Warehouse Lighting Solutions & Upgrades

Lighting a warehouse efficiently can be a difficult task, especially if you are trying to avoid burning a hole in your pocket. Consider LED warehouse lighting solutions to improve your bottom line. From large open-space regions to custom task areas, upgrading your old lighting (such as metal halide high-bay lighting, fluorescent low bay lighting, HID lighting, etc.) to LEDs can provide a night and day difference, including high quality and excellent:

  • Color rendering & uniformity
  • Brightness & white light
  • System life & value

It’s essential to provide proper lighting in your warehouse to improve safety, visibility, and efficiency in the work environment, whether it’s driving a forklift or reading a product label. Warehouse LED Lighting can increase lighting quality while decreasing energy consumption. A poorly illuminated warehouse only makes more room for errors.

Reasons you’re considering an LED upgrade or Retrofit for your Warehouse Lighting:

You’re tired of replacing burned-out bulbs:  LEDs are longer-lasting bulbs. They can last for 20 years in some cases. Imagine not having to change your warehouse bulbs again for two decades!

You’re tired of paying huge electric bills:  LED lights are more energy efficient – Traditional incandescent light bulbs have a 20% energy efficiency rating. This means 80% of the electricity is lost as heat.  So, if your electric bill is $1,000, you spent $800 to heat the warehouse, not illuminate it. With LED lights, your bill might have been as low as $200.

You want to keep your “Green” status as a company:  LED lights are eco-friendly because they have zero toxic materials and are 100% recyclable. Most conventional fluorescent bulbs are not recyclable and contain materials like mercury which is bad for the environment.

We’ve given you the WHY for LED warehouse lighting. Now the WHY for US Lighting Systems:

  • We are manufacturer agnostic and only care about matching your warehouse with the best lighting product available.
  • We handle the entire process from engineering to design through installation and warranty servicing.
  • We specialize in lighting control systems to maximize your savings and improve your productivity.
  • We have direct relationships with manufacturers to ensure you get the best pricing.
  • We pride ourselves on working with US-manufactured products, ensuring the highest quality lighting experience for our clients.

Worried the upgrade to LED for your warehouse will cost too much? Find out about Lighting as a Service, where you can pay monthly just like your internet or phone and we take care of everything!

Talk with a LED Warehouse Lighting Expert at info@uslightingsystems.com or learn more about our 7 step process.

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