LED Lights for Retail Stores – Retrofit & Installation

If you work in retail, you know how important it is for customers to actually see the merchandise. You design your walking space to maximize foot traffic on your sale items. You bring items out front when you want to put them on sale. A well-lit retail environment creates a positive shopping experience and encourages customers to make purchase decisions. That’s why LED lights for retail stores are essential. Call US Lighting Systems today for an expert LED retrofit and installation for your store!

Benefits of LED Lights for Retail Stores

Think of lighting like any other marketing or sales promotion tool in your store. It should:

  • Attract and guide customers into and through the store
  • Provide visual comfort
  • Lead customers through merchandise areas safely and effectively
  • Help them find and evaluate merchandise
  • Call attention to specific merchandise and reinforce merchandising themes
  • Initiate a purchase

Good retail lighting design balances between these 3 areas:


  1. Human Needs:  Visibility is crucial when it comes to seeing products with clarity.
    • Tasking – Finding the right product and price.
    • Visual comfort – Do they feel good/look good in an outfit?
    • Safety – Is the lighting appropriate for a “safe” feeling?
  2. Environmental and Economic Issues
    • Energy costs – Are they acceptable long term?
    • Sustainability – Are they “Green.”
  3. Architectural:  Do the Lighting systems complement your building design?

Effective Retail Store Lighting Design


Your design scheme should employ a “layered” approach, combining three categories of lighting: ambient lightingaccent or task lighting and decorative. But when’s the last time you thought about consistent, bright LED lighting to ensure that none of your merchandise gets left in the dark? Think about what high-quality LED lighting brings:

  • Stable, consistent lighting in the store
  • Long-term value on your retail investment
  • Thermal management so no product gets too hot 

Why LED lighting for a retail space? If you must have the lights on anyway, you might as well find a way to save on it—all while upgrading the quality of your lighting so that you stand out from every other store that customers are wandering through that day.

You want LED lighting for your retail outlet because…


It turns out there’s more than just one reason—especially if you sign up for lighting as a service. Here are some of the most popular reasons:

  • You’re tired of manually lighting every aspect of your retail store yourself. You have merchandise to move and bigger fish to fry—so there’s no reason that you should have to interrupt your workday to handle every little lighting problem that pops up.
  • You want to separate yourself from every other retail outlet in proximity. As a retail store, you’re constantly competing with the next store down. LED lights help you offer a consistent, modern style of lighting that will let customers know that you’re more than open for business.
  • You’re tired of paying through the nose on your current lighting bills. With so much retail space to handle, paying for lighting (and handling light issues yourself, including hiring out electrical work) gets to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you pay for lighting as a service from an expert team, you can have all the quality without the outrageous prices.

Now that you know why, here’s the how: how US Lighting Systems Works and how it can improve your retail business:


  • We handle lighting as a service, which means you pay us a monthly bill and never worry about any lighting problems again.
  • We can customize the thermal effect lighting has on your goods.
  • We handle the whole process: engineering, design, installation, warranty servicing, and more.
  • We’ll make sure that all your lighting is done safely and is fully compliant with any local codes.
  • We can put together a proposal for you before you make a decision, showing you precisely what we could do to enhance your lighting and what it could do to your bottom line.

If you’re interested in retail LED lighting for your business, you can contact info@uslightingsystems.com to get started today. If you want to learn more, we recommend checking out our 7-step process for achieving affordable, high-quality lighting in your retail store.

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