LED Lighting for Senior Living – Retirement Home Lighting

Anyone involved in senior living knows that day-to-day challenges only increase with age. With a custom LED lighting installation, you can save money and improve the daily lives of your residents. LED lighting for senior living can have significant benefits.

Benefits of LED Retirement Home Lighting

While LED lighting comes with several benefits, those operating senior living facilities have a number of special requirements:

  • Cost savings: To provide the best possible care for your tenants, you need to reduce costs and invest more in the specialized care that makes your living facility safe, comfortable, and feeling like home. LED lighting provides long-term energy savings that keep your bottom line strong, so you can spend your money where it counts.
  • Custom lighting solutions: For many who need long-term care, simple actions like getting out of bed or preparing a meal can require much more light than average. Ensuring that your tenants are safe requires custom LED installations that can cater to these specific needs.
  • Reduced glare: Eyes become more sensitive to glare with age. The wrong lighting could make your tenants uncomfortable and even lead to harm. Replacing fluorescent lighting with warm LEDs can reduce spotty glare, add to your residents’ comfort, and help to prevent injury.
  • High light levels and control: Elderly people need as much as 75% more light than younger people. You need to be able to easily adjust your lighting to meet the unique needs of your residents. LEDs will keep your senior living center well-lit while providing you with the control necessary to set levels that are comfortable for all of your tenants and activities.

LED Lighting for Senior Living

There are specific issues frequently caused by aging that seniors need to address. Better lighting can improve many of these issues, including:

  • Declining depth perception. Some seniors avoid moving around at night because they’re afraid their depth perception problems will lead to a fall. LED lighting in all corners of rooms and hallways can address this challenge, helping your tenants regain their confidence and mobility.
  • Changes in lighting tend to have a greater effect on seniors’ eyes, and irregular lighting can lead to mental issues as well. Replace old, jarring lighting with consistent LED lighting to keep your residents safe and comfortable.
  • A warm, positive environment. Lighting affects more than just how well you see—it also translates into how well you feel. With LED lighting, you can customize the color “temperature” to create a welcoming environment that feels more like home to your tenants.</br></br>

Our process is simple. We focus on your unique needs and leverage our deep experience to satisfy everyone. With your needs in mind, we can create a completely customized LED lighting installation that will maximize consistency and brighten every nook and cranny of your care center for supreme comfort and savings.

Contact info@uslightingsystems.com to learn how you can improve the level of care for your tenants while reducing your long-term lighting costs.

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