Industrial LED Lighting Solutions for Long-Term Savings

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine operator Blake Veeneman makes a process inspection after a casting is machined at Port City Group’s Port City Castings Corporation manufactures high-pressure aluminum die-castings, mostly for the automotive industry, in Muskegon, MI, facility on Wednesday July 20, 2011. Port City Group boosted its employment by 12 percent over last year thanks to two Rural Business Guaranteed Loans totaling $9.6 million. In its 80,000 sq. ft. facility, machines that range from 800 – 1,600 tons, and cast A380 aluminum alloy products from melted ingots of aluminum, into automotive components of U.S.A. made vehicles. The process features a variety of robotic presses; computer controlled machining; quality control facility; and complete measurement and testing laboratory. In 2009 banks were backing out of loans for PCG equipment purchase agreements. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) loan guarantee helped make the loan possible with its guarantee. PCG obtained the needed robotic and other equipment. This resulted in a stable workforce that has since grown. When asked about their USDA experience, Port City Group Sales Manager Laura LaGuire said, “It was great! They were very helpful. Everything that came up was handled smoothly, the money came in place when it was needed, and it was a very smooth transition.” USDA Photo by Lance Cheung.

When you manage an industrial park, you need round-the-clock lighting. So, it’s no wonder that older and more expensive lighting solutions really add up over time. Are you tired of non-LED lights burning up your budget? Consider an LED retrofit today. Industrial LED lighting solutions can have a major positive impact on your bottom line and the lighting quality in your facilities.

The Long-Term Benefits of LED Lighting

With the right resources, you could take care of your light and energy needs for as far as 17 years into the future with minimal maintenance. LED lighting outmatches other styles of lighting by providing:

  • Energy reduction. Energy costs money and reducing it doesn’t only make your industrial park more efficient—it makes your expenses shrink. Cutting your lighting-related energy is vital for lowering expenses and will help you create a more energy-efficient site that’s more responsible with its resources.
  • Longevity. According to Energy Manager Today, “A retrofit, done well, should last for more than a decade, and its cost-benefit is partially calculated on the fact that LEDs require little to no maintenance.” High-quality LED fixtures are rated for 150,000 hours or about 17 years of constant use.
  • Better outdoor coverage. When the University of Nottingham faced rising energy costs, lighting accounted for some 20% of their overall energy bill. To cut back costs, they turned to LED lamps. With lots of outside areas to cover, much like industrial parks have to think about, the university achieved a 40% reduction in energy usage without sacrificing any of their coverage. And it’s not just about saving energy. As the University’s environment manager added, “the lamps are greatly enhancing the quality of light for improved student, staff, and visitor safety.”

Better Industrial Park Lighting Solutions

Achieve efficient and cost-effective lighting for your industrial park by switching to LED lighting. With the right planning, an LED lighting retrofit can have a major impact to your bottom line in the form of energy savings.

A high-quality firm can evaluate your site and make the best possible recommendations for your LED lighting solutions. US Lighting Systems’ comprehensive process creates trust at every level, from site discovery and installation through ongoing maintenance and review.

If upfront costs are a concern, US Lighting Systems offers flexible lighting as a service plans that allow you to pay on a monthly basis. With lighting as a service, you don’t have to worry about considerable upfront costs potentially paying off down the road. You can realize savings immediately.

To learn more about how you can start saving on lighting for your industrial park, contact today.

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