HOA LED Lighting Design & Installation

Homeowners Associations have many lighting demands. Parking lots. Sidewalks. Tennis courts. Courtyards. Not only do homeowners demand safe and consistent lighting—they need it done affordably. An efficient HOA LED lighting design and installation can majorly benefit your neighborhood.

Five Reasons Homeowners Associations Should Switch to LED Lighting—Now

Running a HOA comes with a unique set of challenges. Your lighting should not be one of these challenges. Switching to LED lighting will make life easier for you and the homeowners for the following reasons:

  • LED lighting for HOAs can save as much as 60% on lighting bills. With electricity costs expected to go up in the next five years, there’s no better time to cut back dramatically on any lighting costs you can.
  • LEDs allow you to “go green.” With less money spent on lighting comes greater efficiency—efficiency that reduces the carbon footprint of your Homeowners Association and helps you avoid bulbs with low lifespans and excessive chemicals.
  • LEDs are the way of the future thanks to increased lighting regulations—depending on these regulations, you may not be able to install anything else but LED when the time comes for a lighting replacement. Switching to LED now saves money and will save time on future lighting changes.
  • LEDs save you money over the long-term, paying for themselves sometimes as soon as 3 years after installation. Considering that many LED lighting fixtures have an expected lifespan of 5 years, this means installing LED lighting essentially qualifies as a long-term investment that stands to reduce your HOA expenses down the line.
  • LED lighting is safe and consistent. The needs of homeowners associations are wide-ranging, from lighting parking lots to tennis courts, but one variable is always needed: consistency. With consistent, safe lighting, you can better focus on other areas within your HOA that need addressing. This frees up room in the budget and time to take care of other important issues for homeowners.

Still not convinced? Let’s look at one HOA community that changed its destiny by changing its lighting to LED:

How One HOA Community Reduced Costs by Tens of Thousands of Dollars

The Versatile HOA community, located in South Florida, was once featured on HGTV as one of the “best communities” in the nation. By switching to LED lighting, they were able to save an annual $60,000+ in both maintenance reduction and energy savings.

Can your HOA see similar results? Your mileage—and your energy usage—may vary. But if you work with US Lighting Systems, you can be sure that you’re working with a company that brings the following to the table:

  • We are led by an LED-certified executive
  • 10+ years of experience in the lighting industry
  • A customized, “consultant” like approach to every project

If you’re interested in upgrading the lighting in your HOA, now’s the time to start saving. Contact info@uslightingsystems.com to find out how you can change the way your HOA is lit—with more consistency, more safety, and less money.

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