Convention Center Lighting Design: Maximize Performance & Cut Costs

It’s simple math: the more space you have, the more your lights will cost. Any convention center operator knows that paying for lighting is part of doing business. But there’s good news. If you own or operate a convention center and need to reduce your costs while increasing your lighting quality substantially, there’s never been a better time to switch to LED lighting. Efficient convention center lighting design can reduce your carbon footprint, cut fat from your bottom line, and provide the stable, consistent lighting that any convention center needs to do business.

Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting

With paying businesses and thousands of people moving in and out of your convention center on a daily basis, consistent and high-quality lighting is essential. Many convention centers can exceed 200,000 square feet of flexible event space for meetings, conferences, tradeshows, and celebrations. That’s a lot of space to keep lit. As an operator, you know the high costs and maintenance of conventional lighting. But what about LEDs?

Switching from conventional lighting to LEDs can cut your energy usage from lighting from almost half of your energy budget to less than 10 percent. Leading convention centers around the country have realized major savings and improved their operations by switching to LED lighting. With LED lighting, you can achieve:

  • Reduced carbon footprint.Cutting down energy usage means fewer expenses for convention centers and a better environmental impact, helping to establish your role in the community.
  • Tangible savings.When energy usage is reduced all year round, it’s not unusual for convention centers to save five digits on their energy bills every year.
  • Spending energy money elsewhere.As the savings roll in, you’re free to allocate your resources elsewhere. Spend your budget where it counts. Use your savings to make even greater improvements to your facility and continue to host amazing events.


LEDs provide greater efficiency and higher quality than conventional lighting. You can realize even greater savings by working with a leading lighting designer who understands your unique needs.

US Lighting Systems has helped facilities reduce lighting costs by as much as 85 percent, all while increasing the consistency and quality of their lighting solutions.

Our dedicated LED installation process is about more than just providing new fixtures—it’s a customized, top-down approach that includes discovery, site auditing, effective engineering design, and ongoing maintenance. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, working closely with you to meet your needs. We even offer ongoing monitoring so you can watch the savings as they roll in.

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