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You operate an athletic center, which means you know how expensive your lighting gets. Between the energy costs and the maintenance costs, the money adds up quickly. And you know how important lighting is when you have a championship match or even just a regular practice. Between glare issues, hot & dark spots, and just issues making sure everyone can see properly, switching to LED lighting can have major benefits for your facility. 

Athletic Center LED Lighting Benefits

Here are just a few reasons you need to consider switching to effective LED lighting solutions as quickly as possible:

  • You can reduce your lighting energy usage and costs as much as 80%. 
  • You can find savings in places you never anticipated. Maintenance costs will go down substantially saving thousands of dollars annually. The days of having to rent a lift and shut down the center are over.
  • Superior lighting. If you switch to a LED fixture that is made for athletics, you will experience an enhanced environment. Light levels will be higher, glare will be less and spotting players and balls at all points on the courts will become easier. 
  • Long-term investment. Many LED light fixtures last up to 100,000 hours, which is longer than 10 years of typical usage.   

US Lighting Systems Athletic Center LED Lighting Process

Why does US Lighting Systems offer a superior solution for your Athletic Center lighting needs?

  • We take care of every step of the process. Discovery, site audit, engineering, design, installation, ongoing maintenance. We’re your single point of contact for everything lighting, which means that you never have to wonder about who to call if you need an adjustment or if a light goes out.
  • We’ll light up your entire structure. We know how to maximize lighting’s effectiveness in both indoor and outdoor environments—and when it comes to a sporting venue, you need as much efficiency as possible. Our LED experts have experience with getting the most out of your lighting without sacrificing any quality or savings.
  • We save you time. Ideas like getting a rebate on your LED lighting upgrade? They’re great. They’re also time-consuming. You don’t have to do any of the work if you work with us; you simply outsource it to the lighting experts at US Lighting Systems and let us take care of the rest.
  • We save you money. LED lighting can be expensive if you front the costs upfront. But our price structure is intuitive and simple—lighting as a service keeps your expenses simple and as low as humanly possible.


If LED lighting sounds like your next step to achieving savings for your facility, now’s the time to take action. Get in touch with today!

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