Financing Services

Lighting As A Service

Zero Upfront Costs & Zero Maintenance Costs – FOREVER!

We understand that some clients are hesitant to upgrade their lighting system due to budgetary constraints.
Lighting as a Service is a program where we install an entirely new lighting system, and you simply pay a monthly fee, just like your phone or internet service. It’s our equipment, and we maintain it. You are guaranteed to pay less for your lighting than you do now!
  • We install our equipment at zero capital expenditure to you
  • We maintain your lighting throughout the life of the contract
  • Simple monthly fixed payments just like your phone or internet
  • Guaranteed savings starting the day your installation is complete


We know that obtaining lighting equipment to help your business without restricting cash flow is a balancing act. The solution? Lease and financing programs from US Lighting Systems. It only takes seconds to apply and have access to affordable payments and potential tax advantages.
Our business financing products and services are customized to match unique business needs and goals. We’ll work with you to create payment options that fit your specific needs. For instance, full payments may be delayed until the equipment begins generating savings, and payments may be stretched out for up to 84 months. The best thing is that you will own the equipment 100% after the term is up.