What Makes Good Commercial Lighting Companies Stand Out?

Effective LED lighting is about the quality of your installation and fixtures, the affordability of the service, and the ability to maintain that lighting for years to come. In short, the best commercial lighting companies provide comprehensive services that are designed to meet the unique needs of your space. Here are a few essentials to look for when researching LED lighting companies and how US Lighting Systems fits the bill.

The Best Commercial Lighting Companies Have Direct Relationships with Manufacturers

Maintaining direct relationships with manufacturers allows lighting companies to keep costs down and to even offer reduced prices in some cases. But having a direct relationship with lighting manufacturers isn’t enough:

  • When researching which lighting companies, look for a company that is bias-free. For example, while US Lighting Systems holds direct relationships with manufacturers, we are not an advocate for one manufacturer—we use our relationships to find the best quality lighting at the most affordable prices.
  • Not all companies are concerned with where their lighting fixtures are made. For others though, American-made products are a deal breaker. US Lighting Systems works with American-made products to ensure we always provide sophisticated craftsmanship and quality.

The Best Commercial Lighting Companies Make the Complicated Simple

Sourcing the right products at great prices from the best manufacturers, designing an adequate lighting environment for your commercial space, handling installation and ongoing maintenance—if you do it yourself, it’s enough to get lost quickly. A quality LED lighting company can make everything simple on your end. By offering Lighting as a Service, US Lighting Systems takes away all the hassle.

With Lighting as a Service, we provide the best lighting recommendations for your space, manage the installation, and offer ongoing maintenance as needed. If you choose this program, there is no upfront installation cost; you simply pay a monthly bill. We maintain ownership over all equipment and ensure it stays in top-quality condition, so there is no risk to you. The result is better lighting and more simplicity on your end.

Comprehensive Warranties

Any good commercial lighting company will back the quality of their products and services with a warranty. When looking for the best lighting company, you’ll want to ensure that they offer warranties for parts and labor. At US Lighting Systems, we back most of our products with a 10 year warranty on parts and labor allowance.

Get Customized Lighting Solutions with US Lighting Systems

Contact US Lighting Systems today at info@uslightingsystems.com to find out what makes us one of the best companies in the industry. We look forward to helping you improve the quality and cost-efficiency of your lighting.

David Etzler, LC

David, LC, LEED GA, is a pioneer in the green industry. David is Lighting Certified (LC), earning the distinction from the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professional (NCQLP). The LC was created as a baseline standard for knowledge covering the entire scope of the vast lighting field. As the President of US Lighting Systems, David manages the firm’s strategy and growth, including strategic partnerships with property management firms and building owners all across the country. David came to US Lighting Systems through SIB Lighting and the acquisition of his company, HOA Energy Advisors, in May 2015. HOA Energy helped commercial properties save money on their energy bills through lighting and lighting control systems. Having retrofit and managed over 75 large projects, HOA Energy had become a leader in the industry. David is active in the Green community and shares his love of the planet with his family and friends.

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