Stop Wasting Time and upgrade to LED Hotel Lighting

As local and global travel picks back up, competition in the hospitality industry is at an all-time high. Efficient LED hotel lighting design can help you provide an exceptional guest experience and help your business stand out in a sea of competition. 

Benefits of LED Lighting within the 

Hospitality Industry

LED lighting can be a major cost-saving strategy no matter what your industry. For the unique needs of hotels and motels, LEDs can provide even greater benefits.

  • Reliability. LEDs have a proven track record of providing high quality, dependable lighting while maintaining consistency.
  • Atmosphere. The warm, stable light produced by LEDs helps hotels and motels to provide the quality atmosphere that visitors demand.
  • Minimize downtime and maintenance. LED lighting offers minimal downtime and maintenance, providing a greater experience for your guests and improving the availability of your staff for more pressing concerns.
  • The bottom line. Hotels run lights every hour, day and night, 365 days a year. Even the thinnest improvement to lighting costs could lead to major savings on an annual basis.

Make the Change Your Guests Deserve and Your Business Needs

Between the cost savings, longevity, and quality of hotel LED lighting, every hotel and motel should consider what LEDs can do to improve their guest experience and bottom line. US Lighting Systems’ proven installation process further helps to ensure you maximize the value of your investment.

  • Comprehensive service. From engineering and design through installation, monitoring, and warranty servicing, we provide everything you need to enjoy the major benefits of LED lighting.
  • Fair pricing. US Lighting Systems’ unique relationship with LED manufacturers allows us to achieve the best pricing available for your installation.
  • Warranty management. The rated life provided by manufacturers is no guarantee. If you work with us, we will handle all the warranties.


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David Etzler, LC

David, LC, LEED GA, is a pioneer in the green industry. David is Lighting Certified (LC), earning the distinction from the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professional (NCQLP). The LC was created as a baseline standard for knowledge covering the entire scope of the vast lighting field. As the President of US Lighting Systems, David manages the firm’s strategy and growth, including strategic partnerships with property management firms and building owners all across the country. David came to US Lighting Systems through SIB Lighting and the acquisition of his company, HOA Energy Advisors, in May 2015. HOA Energy helped commercial properties save money on their energy bills through lighting and lighting control systems. Having retrofit and managed over 75 large projects, HOA Energy had become a leader in the industry. David is active in the Green community and shares his love of the planet with his family and friends.

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