Everything you Need to Know about your Commercial LED Retrofit

Your business needs the assurance of consistent lighting that is optimized for your unique facility. You may be surprised to learn how much you could save with a commercial LED retrofit. If you’re interested in maximizing savings on commercial lighting while improving your lighting quality, here’s everything you need to know. Reduce Costs and Increase […]

Lighting As a Service: An LED Lighting Subscription Model

Most businesses understand the benefit of using energy-efficient LED lighting in their space: not only can they reduce costs, but they can actually enhance the quality of their lighting. Many businesses, however, are still resistant to switching to commercial LED lighting due to upfront installation costs. Lighting as a Service (LaaS) from US Lighting Systems, […]

The Difference of Good Lighting

This image was taken halfway through an install. The image shows the difference of good lighting with the right side bright, well lit, with high visibility and the left side still to install. The left side is darker with a yellow hue. Not only was there a dramatic difference, but the company will save  80% […]

LED Lighting Retrofit: A Guide to View Angles

When your goal is maximizing lighting coverage while paying for as little energy as possible, the angle of your lighting is critical. Under traditional lighting, view angle is rarely taken into consideration, as incandescent lights evenly throw light at all 360 degrees. With LED lighting, however, you can pinpoint where the light is needed, allowing […]

Customize your LED Lighting Color Temperature with an LED Retrofit

Greater efficiency and lower energy costs are well-known advantages of LED lighting. But there’s another benefit to a commercial LED retrofit that many overlook: improved control over your space’s ambiance. With the right lighting equipment in place, you have the ability to significantly enhance the mood of your space. The LED lighting color control can […]