Why “energy savings” from your lighting retrofit is just the tip of the iceberg

Having performed LED lighting retrofits in the industrial and commercial markets for about 10 years now, I have identified one major theme that is significant, yet seldom discussed. Most projects get approved based on a Simple Payback Period (SPP). The SPP is calculated on the total cost of the project divided by the annual energy […]

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid with a Commercial/Industrial LED Conversion (PART TWO)

Continuing from our May article, below are the remaining 5 mistakes to avoid! 5. Using too high of a color temperature for your outdoor parking lot lights. We get requests all the time from customers that want the highest temperature you can get so the parking lot appears brighter. We hear this from car dealers […]

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid with a Commercial/Industrial LED Conversion (PART ONE)

10. Going with the cheap stuff. I shouldn’t be surprised at this point but I do get amused every time I talk to a company that owns a multi-million dollar building with equipment worth many millions more. The investments companies make to ensure they have a competitive, quality products are significant. They take pride in […]

Don’t be part of the 50%

When it’s time to expand your warehouse, do you ask the local handyman to give you a quote or do you call an architect to have them create professional plans? When you need to upgrade your IT servers, would you let your forklift dealer step inside your server room to give you a quote or […]

The Fallacy of Break-Evens

The most common theme we hear when proposing new LED lighting projects is that the prospective customer must realize a two-year or under break-even in order to get internal funding for the project. While our clients understand the numerous benefits of converting to LED — lower energy bills, increased productivity of workers, better visual appearance, […]